Spotlight on the Student


It is needless to say that in any language course, the main aim of the lesson is for the student to reach fluency in the target language, therefore, all areas of the required curriculum are covered analytically in order to bring the student to their required standard. And I am pleased to say I have been highly successful in this throughout my years as a tutor of English.

In addition, to my teaching abilities, I have trained in elocution. Therefore, I am qualified to train students to speak English in the most correct way as well. Throughout the course great emphasis is placed on achieving this goal by constant practice.

From the commencement of the student's course in English, communication is encouraged by me and constant opportunities to practice speaking are given. As a result my students achieve the much desired fluency, since we all know that: "Practice makes perfect."


The most successful language teachers are those who are approachable. I'm a people person and always develop a good relationship with my students. It is much easier to communicate with someone you feel you can be friends with, ultimately leading to much needed practice in the target language.


Private tuition offers the student great flexibility, in that the hours - days - location are designated by the student themselves. The medium of Zoom is particularly conducive to convenience and flexibility. The lesson takes place in the comfort of one's own home or office which saves precious time because Zoom means that no commuting to a lesson is required.


In addition to the standard course books which are used by the student in order to aid the learning of the English language, I offer a unique database of vocabulary, grammar and syntax using the method of corpus linguistics. I am the author of the aforementioned database, which has proven extremely effective in providing the student with a wide range of information. This leads them to think in English.

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